Online Research

Online research is the study of the product, its features, analysis of demand and evaluation of the market conditions. eCOM research team prepares fact based detailed analysis for the clients to make an informed decision. The team of business experts uses business intelligence and analytics to research on specific requirements. Before the implementation stage, the researchers conduct studies on feasibility and scope of the project. eCOM provides continuous analytical research for the MIS and Digital Marketing team through review managements and various online marketing tools.

Pre Launch

Analysing the product, are where we are ( the products current position) in the global market. . This is most important period of research were we do study of the SCOPE and the HOPE of the product or services we delivered via online. Bases on the analysis, next is to establish the target market, platforms and strategies to be used in Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphics and other social media supports, eCom strategies are also developed perceptively to help the business tap into the determined target market and launch itself or reposition it in a leveraged way. Based on the planning the action plans to set as time taken, tools used in the projects, budgeting and many more.

The Running Stage

During the running or execution stage, the eCOM team dedicates itself fully to the execution and implementation of strategies conceptualized at the earlier stage. An eSHOP is designed for the business or the existing system is modified so as to help the business vie with the competition as well as embrace future expectations. Test runs are meticulously conducted to single out errors and kinks, and they are rectified by the eCOM specialists to garner excellent outcomes. Adaptations and modifications are done by them in order to get optimal output.

The Finalisation Stage

At the final stage, the eCOM acts like a watch dog for the business. With a hawk-eyed precision, its dedicated and intuitive team takes into consideration aspects like after sales and review management, the need for adaptability and modernisation. Not only current competition is taken into consideration but the future expectations and growth are taken into account as well. Through constant research, the team keeps itself abreast with the evolving technological trends as well as changing passions in order to set the future directions of the business.